Profiling today's CIO

Understanding Senior IT Managers' priorities and monitoring their behaviors to know when they want to engage with vendors

Profiling today's CIO

This research brief provides an in-depth look into the common characteristics of Senior IT leaders, what they must consider when making decisions about technology solutions and what are their key investment priorities for 2013. This study allows technology marketers to understand the CIO and their priorities within the current technology landscape and how to effectively engage with them. This research brief will focus on the following:

  • A 360° degree view of the CIOresearch preferences, social networking use, drivers for involvement, etc.
  • The top technology investments of IT organizations in 2013
  • How CIOs evaluate technology vendors, new and existing
  • The mindset and priorities of early and late adopter CIOs
  • And much more

To see how today's Senior IT Managers view emerging technologies such as cloud computing and Consumerization, how their online research activities influence their purchase decisions and how technology marketers should engage with them to maximize impact and influence, download this report by completing the form on the right. 

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