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2020 TechTarget EMEA Archer Awards

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The Archer Awards are the TechTarget awards for outstanding work in B2B IT Marketing and Sales.   2020 represents the first year that we'll be presenting these awards to the marketing community.   Please read below for more information on the 7 awards we will be presenting at our 2020 London ROI Summit on the 6 of March, 2020.

Outstanding Achievement in Content Marketing (individual)
Recognizes a specific marketing-led initiative that contributed to building measureable pipeline/closed-won business by attracting net new prospects or influencing existing deals. Evaluation criteria include:
  • The strategy for identifying a need in the market that brought the creation or identification of content alignment in a strategy way.
  • Could feature a content syndication effort or branding campaign
  • ROI or SOV from the initiative
Outstanding Integrated Digital Campaign Award (individual/team)
Recognizes an innovative approach to engaging prospects and customers that leveraged a variety of online tactics as part of a holistic strategy to influence brand consideration and build pipeline. Evaluation criteria include:
  • The concept behind the campaign
  • How the various components of the program worked together to accelerate progress
  • Measureable results from the overall initiative
Inside Sales Rep of the Year (individual)
Recognizes an inside sales rep who uses customer/prospect insights to drive consultative outreach resulting in significant pipeline creation. Nominated reps will be evaluated based on:
  • Evidence of their consultative/personalised approach in outbound calls and emails
  • Their collaboration with marketing and other internal stakeholders, including sales leadership
  • Metrics that demonstrate success, such as meetings booked or pipeline created


Data-Driven Marketing Excellence Award (individual/team)
Recognizes a marketer or marketing team who leverages various pre-purchase data sources – including 1st and 3rd party data – to identify and influence their addressable market in a personalised manner. Nominations should:
  • Share the various data sources being leveraged
  • Show how the data is being integrated to try to achieve a single source of “truth”
  • Tie data collection to specific programs or initiatives that have produced meaningful results
Most Impactful Brand Campaign (individual/team)
Recognizes a brand-building program to increase shortlist consideration against a specific target audience, in a particular solution area or across a portfolio of products. Nominations should include:
  • An overview of the targeted prospects and how they were reached
  • A description of the creative and how it captures the theme of the campaign
  • Clicks, engagements or other back-end metrics that show brand uplift or landing page/content interactions and/or registrations
Outstanding Accomplishment in ABM (individual/team)
Recognizes an initiative tied to developing new business or growing existing relationships from a defined set of target accounts. Nominations should provide:
  • An overview of the named accounts and how they were selected
  • A description of the mechanisms used to engage those accounts
  • Proof of the impact that the ABM initiative made
EMEA Digital Marketer of the Year (individual)
Recognizes overall achievement in digital by a marketeer who conceptualised and executed on a strategy tied to a broader business goal or set of goals. Please share the following on the nominee:
  • A description of his/her overall responsibilities and team goals
  • The various digital projects he/she led
  • Why these projects were impactful