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ABM 2.0: How to Succeed in Today’s New B2B Landscape

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With face-to-face touchpoints being replaced by virtual interactions, learn how to succeed in this new landscape.

B2B marketers need to scale up ABM 1.0 principles to generate more revenue from a larger number of target accounts.

In this white paper, ABM 2.0: 3 Paths to More Productive Revenue Capture in a Changing Interaction Landscape, we discuss how changes in B2B interaction are impacting relationship-creation and how you can use intent data to connect buyers to the solutions they need. Find out:

  • How ABM 2.0 helps you focus on accounts that deserve attention now
  • How the 3 P’s of ABM 2.0 offer a new way of pursuing sales enablement
  • How to evolve buying group strategies for ABM 2.0

Download today to see how you can transition to ABM 2.0 and become a key player in the enablement of both high-velocity and field sales teams.

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