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Using Intent Data to Find and Capture More Revenue

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This on-demand webinar featuring MarTech Today’s Editorial Director Kim Davis and John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, discusses how relationship building has changed in the era of COVID and how intent data is playing a critical role in businesses ability to find and capture more demand and revenue.

It specifically outlines how intent data at the opt-in prospect level can help B2B marketers succeed in today’s landscape in three specific ways:

  • Expanding marketing’s role in Sales enablement by broadening ABM principles (ABM 2.0) and addressing them deeper in the stack with intent data and guidance on its use
  • Evolving buying group strategies by leveraging intent data into how you define, prioritize and pursue “demand” in your processes and systems
  • Operationalizing data-driven personalization by understanding what’s available within your data set, then using it and both sharing it and showing others how to take advantage of it in their daily work enviroment

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Kim Davis

Editorial Director,
MarTech Today


John Steinert


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