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ABM Reality: Aligning & Enabling Your SDRs for ABM Success

How to Align and Enable Your
SDRs for ABM Success
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More and more companies are turning to “inside” sales teams to help turn leads into better opportunities. Sounds simple. But with the changing marketing landscape of ABM, lead-scoring and automation platforms, arming the team for success isn’t always a straight shot.

In this e-book, Kerry Cunningham (Sr. Research Director, Sirius Decisions) and Josh Garland (VP of Product Marketing, TechTarget) highlight common mistakes many companies are making in pursuit of pipeline. Best of all, they prescribe detailed steps forward to make your BDRs, SDRs or ISRs more productive, more valuable and happier with the critical role they perform.

Read this e-book to discover how to:
  • Break the pattern of doing more but producing less.
  • Prioritize accounts and activities that really deliver.
  • Build KPIs, processes and systems for an account-based future.

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