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Delivering On The Promise Of Intent

Applying Real Insights To Accelerate Marketing & Sales Results
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The B2B tech market is going through a transformation as marketers and sellers adapt to new types of data, new technologies and new processes. While presenting unique challenges for marketing and sales organizations, these changes have also brought about exciting new ways of identifying and engaging opportunities. Several companies are trying purchase intent data but are unsure of how to adjust or optimize effectively to deliver better results faster.

This webinar outlines how B2B providers are addressing these challenges head-on, featuring practical steps for applying real purchase intent insights to deliver breakthrough outcomes for your business.

Watch to learn:
  • How the right intent can help you influence and engage buying teams to maximize opportunities and revenue;
  • What to do to overcome execution challenges and optimize intent data usage across your organization;
  • Why data source matters when choosing an intent provider; and
  • How companies like yours are driving marketing and sales success.

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Andrew Briney

SVP, Products

Jillian Coffin

VP, Market Development

Andrew Gaffney

Editorial Director
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