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Leverage Intelligent Content Syndication for Digital Demand Success

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As budgets continue to move online, B2B marketers need to rethink their digital demand generation strategy.

Partnering with a content syndication supplier can help you generate high-quality leads to improve your marketing ROI.

In this e-book, “Digital Demand Generation,” part of a new series, Digital Skills Acceleration, we discuss how more intelligent content syndication can drive results in the short term and set you up for long-term success.

Learn more about:
  • How content syndication programs powered by the right data and targeting can generate higher-quality leads.
  • The difference between a content syndication lead and a BANT lead.
  • How to distinguish good-quality leads from bad ones.
  • The best way to follow up with content syndication leads and accelerate them through your funnel.
  • Questions you should ask when selecting a content syndication supplier.

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