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Aligning Marketing to Sales to Drive Short-Term Quota Attainment

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Over 3,700 companies expect digital-only or digital- and telephone-only communication in 2021. 89% say changes in their go-to-market models will continue for the next 12+ months. Many B2B organizations will experience delays in their pipelines and a reduction in deal size.

In this e-book, Driving Short-Term Quota Attainment by Aligning Marketing to Sales, we will explore the challenges B2B organizations face in 2021 and their impact on sales’ ability to maximize revenue. We'll examine why marketers must become revenue-focused and how they can proactively align to sales to overcome these challenges.

  • Key issues and shifts in priorities that impact B2B organizations in 2021.
  • New challenges that affect sales and what marketers should focus on.
  • What it means for marketing to align TO sales instead of “with” sales.
  • The specific actions that marketing should take right away.

The complexity of buying group dynamics and account activities means field reps or AEs need accurate, data-driven insights to prioritize opportunities and make the right decisions to focus their selling time.

Download today to learn how to support sellers with the right data and move specific pipeline activities upstream so AEs can gain the agility they need to close deals faster.

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