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Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business (…It’s all in the details)

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Advance Your Persona Targeting Strategies

The promise of buying groups and their power to improve identification, capture and management of revenue opportunities is well understood in B2B companies. Yet implementing a measurable targeting strategy can be tricky.

Join Megan Heuer and John Steinert as they discuss how contact-level intent data can help you better recognize, engage and manage groups of people who are initiating a buyer’s journey in your target accounts.

You’ll hear:

  • How real buying group identification can impact deals
  • The downside of relying on typical persona strategies
  • Immediate steps for identifying, engaging and capturing more demand
  • Metrics to measure your success

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Megan Heuer

ABM and Marketing Ops Pioneer
Principal, HeuerB2B

John Steinert

CMO, TechTarget

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