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Focusing on the 3 Ps for ABM Revenue at Scale

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The pandemic has eliminated most face-to-face relationship-building opportunities and pushed everyone onto the same outreach channels, making it harder to identify real demand in the B2B tech market. As go-to-markets have been digitally transformed, it’s important to focus on revenue generation.

In this e-book, “Focusing on the 3 Ps for ABM Revenue at Scale,” we discuss how you can implement ABM 2.0 to better inform your marketing efforts and meet your sales team’s needs. Find out how to:
  • Prioritize account lists by identifying active demand and real opportunities.
  • Preserve 1st-party engagement data to inform outreach while enriching it with 2nd-party prospect-level intent data to focus on the right accounts and the right people.
  • Personalize your outreach by being relevant to your prospects’ business. Companies that focus on the 3 Ps of ABM are able to identify more opportunities, engage with prospects more effectively and close sales at a higher percentage than those that continue on their legacy paths.

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