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Growing ABM Revenue Using High-Value Engagement

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Gartner has shown that bringing buying groups together and gaining access to stakeholders are two of the biggest barriers B2B sellers face when engaging their key accounts.

These challenges are not well matched to traditional marketing approaches or SDR KPIs.

Watch this on-demand webinar with B2B marketing and sales analysts Chris Moody and Dan Gottlieb of Gartner and TechTarget CMO John Steinert to discover:

  • Why achieving a goal of engaging 100% of your ABM accounts is possible
  • What is available in data to help your teams identify and more productively engage with buying groups and key stakeholders
  • How to evolve thinking about the use of meetings and offers to progress opportunities and maximize account revenue
  • How to implement this new approach and measure improvement

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Chris Moody

Sr. Director, Analyst

Dan Gottlieb

Director, Analyst

John Steinert