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New Research: Virtual Progress

How 2020 is bringing B2B marketing and sales closer together
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High-performing teams are making changes and improvements to navigate forward during a pandemic.

Several months into Covid-19, many of the stop-gap measures put in place have evolved into changes that will impact B2B sales and marketing long term. Meanwhile, seasoned professionals have adjusted quickly and are claiming better returns on their efforts.

In this new research report, Virtual Progress: How 2020 is bringing B2B marketing and sales closer together, we partnered with MarketOne, a leading global B2B agency, to find out how senior leaders are adapting, and identified key trends driving success during the pandemic:

  • A new focus on data, lead quality, and measurement will facilitate sales and marketing alignment and demand management.
  • Organizations embracing ABM and a mature marketing technology stack are transitioning more successfully.
  • Digital transformation has accelerated and Sales is adopting digital platforms to better leverage marketing inputs.

Download today to get more insight and end-to-end best practices from best-performing teams on how to make the right adjustments to improve results and alignment right now.

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