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How Intent Data Can Improve All Go-To-Market Results

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The more you know about your accounts, the more likely they are to respond to your messaging and prospecting. Eric Wittlake, Sr. Marketing Analyst, TOPO, discusses new use cases and applications for intent data that reach beyond just account based strategies and explores how entire go-to-market teams are using it to significantly improve results for each function within the team.

Watch to learn how deep account-level insight as well as new behavioral intelligence at the prospect and customer level specifically helps organizations:
  • Prioritize which accounts to pursue from any target account list, no matter the list size
  • Pursue more revenue opportunities with the right buying teams
  • Personalize outreach with more precision based on prospect interest and need

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Eric Wittlake

Senior Marketing Analyst,

Eric Wittlake

Senior Marketing Analyst,

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