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Beyond Activity: How Quality Interactions Can Significantly Improve Yield

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Buyer interactions across the sales cycle have increased significantly - yet sales reps only spend 18% of their time engaged with buyers. In response, many teams are pumping up sheer outreach volume - a short-sighted approach that is killing potential deals and long-term revenue.

This webinar proves the key to more revenue is not more touches, but improving quality of every touchpoint you do have. We'll show you how with just a 5% improvement with each interaction, you can increase your chances of winning a deal 67%.

Watch now to get key insight and guidance to:
  • Strike the right balance between volume and quality in outreach and cadences
  • Learn how to leverage intent data insights to increase touch quality
  • Identify and avoid "deal killers" that are preventing you from maximizing account revenue

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Seth Marrs
Principal Analyst

John Steinert
Chief Marketing Officer

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