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A New Dawn for Inside Sales

How Behavioral Data Drives ISR Success
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Inside sales teams are growing in size, number, and contribution to pipeline. Much of this growth coincides with the transition to account-based models.

Outdated, high-velocity approaches to inside sales are becoming less and less effective. Where reps could once simply dial through large call lists, now reps need to prioritize which accounts to target, prospect more intelligently and tailor outreach with personalized messages likely to resonate.

This takes time and research and ISRs need a lot of support to drive success at scale. Newly available sources of data can streamline efforts by revealing which accounts are in-market, the active prospects within those accounts, as well as key purchase drivers and pain points.

Download this E-Book to discover how to:

  • Help reps prioritize the right accounts with behavioral intent data
  • Focus on the most active prospects
  • Use in-depth account insights to personalize pitches and have more productive conversations
  • Support SDRs with data-driven email and call-script templates

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