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The Quest for Stronger Engagement

Creating Meaningful Marketing and Sales Interactions
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It’s easy for marketers to get lost in the channel optimization weeds.

But to really drive business, all those clicks, opens and conversions mean little unless they add up to stronger results in the pipeline. To maximize effectiveness, marketing efforts must achieve substantially more than a handful of micro-behaviors can show. And that’s why our efforts towards “personalization” must become more thoughtful than they’ve typically been.

This OnDemand webinar, features special guest Samantha Stone, renowned B2B author and founder of The Marketing Advisory Network and John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, as they review:

  • How 2020 unmasked fundamental weaknesses in many personalization strategies.
  • Where salespeople (and therefore business), continue to struggle in the digital channels we’re still all limited to.
  • What key next steps, as a marketer, you can personally focus on to drive greater engagement impact for your company.

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Samantha Stone

Founder and CMO
The Marketing Advisory Network

John Steinert



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