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Secret Ingredient For Revenue Growth

Inside New Research On How Companies Are Leveraging Intent Data For Competitive Advantage Across Sales & Marketing
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This webcast will offer a deep dive into brand new research from Demand Gen Report

In this webinar, we will discuss how companies are quickly advancing from experimenting with intent data to making it an integral part of their holistic revenue strategies. In addition to sharing the survey findings, the webcast will also provide analysis of how intent is emerging as a competitive advantage for companies.

Join Andrew Gaffney, President, Demand Gen Report and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget as they explore key trends driving the use and success of purchase intent in high performance organizations, specifically:

  • How revenue teams are employing intent data across demand generation and ABM
  • The expanded applications of intent data by sales teams to identify and prioritize accounts
  • How intelligence and signal data is being leveraged to uncover buyer pain points and accelerate sales opportunities
  • New use cases for informing digital marketing strategies that help to increase conversion rates, and
  • How high-growth companies are utilizing intent data more rapidly and more strategically than mature companies

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