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Take Out the Trash

4 ways to eliminate wasted time and increase ISR productivity with better data
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Recent studies have shown that as much as 50% of sales’ time is spent on unproductive prospecting and 98% of cold calls don’t lead to an appointment. Worse, 97% of buyers don’t believe that sellers have an approach that truly stands out. Let’s admit it: Something is not right in the State of Sales.

But smarter teams with new approaches built on better insight are already driving better results and will drive performance to new levels.

Watch the replay of the webinar hosted by sales process & technology expert Nancy Nardin, Josh Garland, VP of Product Marketing at TechTarget, and Aurelien Mottier, CEO at Operatix, as they identify the 4 biggest issues in pipeline building, and how inside sales teams can overcome them. With real-world examples and a step-by-step plan, you will learn how to leverage behavioral insights to:

  • Refine your process to better prioritize accounts
  • Make prospecting more efficient
  • Develop the personalized hooks your teams need to break through


Nancy Nardin

Founder & CEO
Smart Selling Tools


Josh Garland

VP of Product Marketing


Aurelien Mottier