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The Frightening Realities of Your SDR Program ... and What to Do About Them

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The insatiable hunger for pipeline has led to massive growth in SDR teams. But for many, this steep rise SDR deployment hasn’t been coupled with a focus on success of these teams and support for these budding young professionals. SDRs are lost – spending too much time not finding or qualifying opportunities – and they need help.

In this webinar, you’ll explore findings from recent Tenbound and TechTarget research, about where SDRs are spending their time and the implications for your pipeline and revenue.

Learn about improvements that can increase SDR effectiveness and drive more pipeline by:
  • Better optimizing and prioritizing SDR activities and outreach.
  • More intelligently aligning SDR performance metrics to desired outcomes.
  • Leveraging new forms of behavioral data to accelerate your progress.

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David Dulany

Founder & CEO

Ray Rike

Founder & CEO
RevOps Squared

John Steinert

Chief Marketing Officer