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Use Intent Data to Adapt Account Strategies in a Shifting Market

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In today’s evolving market, it's vital to focus on accounts that show current in-market activities.

In our e-book, Use Intent Data to Adapt Account Strategies in a Shifting Market, we explain how you can use contact-level buyer activity signals to get a complete view of demand activities in your total addressable market.

You’ll learn how to pinpoint opportunities by employing triggers such as user intent, engagement and inbound activities to align your efforts with real behaviors in the market.

  • Optimize your target account list to achieve more agility in sales and marketing.
  • Go beyond the three common sources of behavioral data to pinpoint active demand.
  • Identify real buying teams to pursue better opportunities with contact-level purchase intent.

Download the e-book today to see how you can become more agile and customer-centric than ever before.

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