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On-Demand Webinar: TechTarget and SiriusDecisions

Beyond Predictive: What You Can’t See (in Your Own Data) Can Really Hurt
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Predictive is useful for guiding where you should hunt. But there are exciting new data sources that are revolutionizing B2B marketing outcomes right now. If you’re not taking advantage of 3rd party data to augment what you collect on your own, you’re likely missing key opportunities to improve pipeline impact quickly. Of course, for driving the effectiveness of marketing and sales, not all data is created equal. It’s important to understand the options.

In this on-demand webinar, Kerry Cunningham, SiriusDecisions’ Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies and John Steinert, TechTarget’s CMO, will share new research and practical examples from their clients on what you may be missing and which types, sources and uses of data will deliver better results. Whether focused on demand generation, ABM or other approaches, this webinar will help marketers understand:

  • New concepts around “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” data as well as “false positive” and “false negative” leads.
  • The challenging gaps created by over reliance on “intrinsic” data alone.
  • The categories of extrinsic data that are out there, their characteristics and benefits.
  • How real purchase intent insight can directly impact your broad demand generation and focused ABM activities alike.

Kerry Cunningham

Senior Research Director

John Steinert