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Fire-Breathing ABM

Orchestrating Target Account Plays with Rich Purchase Intent
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While marketing has traditionally focused on leads, sales as always been focused on accounts and buying groups.

ABM success at scale requires that sales and marketing work together as a unified team on a unified concept of what they're really going after. They've got to connect the dots between individuals and buying groups within accounts in a repeatable, sustainable fashion.

This e-book showcases how Fuze, a leading player in the unified communications space (UCaaS) has accomplished this by infusing real purchase intent insight into its operations as both a shared foundation for better collaboration and fuel for enhanced sales and marketing performance.

Download this e-book to learn how to:

  • Think pragmatically about what it takes to achieve ongoing alignment
  • Organize around a mutually agreed view of the truth
  • Diagram specific plays to engage key buyer personas based on intent
  • Arm sales with "on the go" insights to drive more productive conversations

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