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Fire-Breathing ABM

Orchestrating Target Account Plays "In-Fuze-d" with Rich Purchase Intent
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While marketing actions have traditionally focused on interacting with individual leads, sales success has always been focused on accounts and the buying groups within them.

In reality, success at scale requires that sales and marketing work together as a unified team on a unified concept of what they're really going after.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Fuze, a leading player in the unified communications space, showcases how they:
  • Think pragmatically about what it takes to achieve ongoing alignment
  • Organize around a mutually agreed view of the truth
  • Diagram specific plays to engage key buyer personas
  • Arm sales teams with "on the go" insights to make smarter decisions and drive more productive conversations

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Ken Evans

Senior Director, Marketing Operations

will pringle.jpg

Will Pringle

VP Worldwide Demand Gen


John Steinert

Chief Marketing Officer