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Empower your Inside Sales Reps
with Real Intent Data

Flipping your outbound script using behavioral data
and verified deal information
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Inside sales teams that rely on volume-based, smile-and-dial approaches fail in 3 crucial areas:

  • Missed opportunities at in-market accounts
  • Dispositioning buying group members
  • Over-reliance on product-centric pitches

To improve performance in these 3 areas, the best teams leverage 3rd-party data to gain insight into in-market accounts, active prospects and hooks to personalize outreach and drive meaningful conversations.

This e-book – based on an analysis of 250 inside sales teams using intent data and 15 interviews with successful inside sales managers – uncovers how the best teams are creating more productive conversations and setting more appointments by taking advantage of "insider insights".

Download this e-book to learn how to:

  • Prioritize, target and penetrate accounts with intent data
  • Incentivize ISRs to personalize outreach with outcomes-based KPIs
  • Enable reps to use data to customize outreach with email and call-script templates