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Are Marketing & Sales Leaving Millions on the Table?

How ABM Thinking Can Transform Demand Generation Performance
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Building a "convertible" funnel in today's market has become more complex because of rapidly changing technology, automation, data sources and different approaches. Where do you begin, how can you evolve what you already have and what should you be thinking about next.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover how you can engage and capture more of the demand both within your account base and in the market at large. And learn how to:

  • Eliminate the legacy barriers causing marketing and sales disconnects

  • Evolve lead and account qualification concepts

  • Better understand demand available within your target accounts

  • Overcome "second lead" syndrome – how becoming account-based demands an evolution in lead qualification

  • New ways to accelerate demand capture by leveraging rich behavioral information from internal and 3rd-party sources


Terry Flaherty

Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies


John Steinert